Here is an e-mail I received from my wife on May 15, 2001

May 15, 2001

I tawt I saw a Time Machine. I did! I did see a Time Machine!

What a way to start my day! I was driving on Hollywood Way by Warner's back lot when I saw a studio truck down the block with a big thing in the back that was draped in black cloth.

Mildly curious at that point as to what this big thing that no one wanted anyone to see, I drove up behind the truck at the Hollywood Way/Alameda intersection. Sticking out of the left side of the black cloth were a couple sets of brass colored,big brackets that obviously held something sizable. Sticking out of the center of the black cloth in the back was a metal pipe which something would probably slide onto. Wait a minute, I thought, that looks like it could be a time machine.

I followed behind it as we made our right turn onto Barham and as it turned I saw something glinting in the front of the truck. I sped up beside it and to my complete joy there were two of the smaller "light house glass" disks, probably the front disk sitting uncovered in the front of the truck!

I was hootin and hollerin' "the time machine!", "the time machine"! I stayed with the truck until it, of course, made the left turn into Warner's Studio.

Oh Don I wish you were with. We both could have just had a fit together!

— Mary Coleman

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