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Visit the official H.G. Wells Society web site.
If you are a serious student of H.G. Wells you must visit this site. The officers of the society have been very helpful. Most of the information I aquired on the BBC broadcast was a direct result of their assistance.



The H.G. Wells Society is an association composed of persons interested in Wells's life and works, who are anxious to encourage a wider interest in his writings and ideas.

The object of the Society is "to promote and encourage universally an active interest in, and appreciation of, the life, work and thought of Herbert George Wells".

Its specific aims are:

  • To encourage a greater interest in the works of H.G. Wells on the part of publishing, press and broadcasting organisations.
  • To promote a wider knowledge of the ideas and ideals of H.G. Wells and to assist in promoting their understanding and dissemination.
  • To organise lectures, meetings and conferences, to issue publications, and to engage in such other educational work as will assist towards the realisation of the Society's aims.

All members receive a biannual newsletter and an annual journal, The Wellsian. The Wellsian is the official journal of the H.G. Wells Society. It has existed since the 1960s. All back issues of the journal are still available, except for no. 5, and can be ordered from the Society's sales officer. For more details click here.

Over the years the Society has built up a substantial collection of books and pamphlets by Wells, and has also accumulated an archive of press cuttings relating to Wells. This collection is now housed in the Learning Centre of the University of North London, on Holloway Road, London, where it may be consulted by students and researchers.



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