The Time Machine
Soundtrack Album



Track selections
1. Main Title / Credits
2. London 1900 (Filby's Theme)
3. Time Machine Model
4. The Time Machine
5. Quick Trip Into The Future
6. All The Time In The World
7. Beautiful Forest / The Great Hall
8. Fear
9. Weena (Love Theme)
10. Rescue
11. Reminiscing
12. Morlocks
13. End Title (Reprise)
14. Fight With The Morlocks
15. Time Traveler
16. Escape
17. Prayer / Off Again
18. Trapped In The Future
19. Love And Time Return
20. End Title
21. Atlantis, The Lost Continent (Overture)
Russell Garcia's stirring and emotional THE TIME MACHINE score is such a magnificent achievement! This music brings back so many wonderful childhood memories of this landmark sci-fi movie. Fans who have been waiting for this recording and will not be disappointed. It is everything and more one could hope for.


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