How I built a Time Machine

Chair, Dish, and Rails

All photographs on this page are by © Don Coleman 1998

The beginnings of the chair. The main frame was made with 2x4's. Then 3/4" pine was laminated together to form the basic structure. Birch appliques were added to give the remaining details.
The chair was also finished in mahogany and several coats of orange shellac. The cushions were upholsterd in red velvet and tufted.

Here the pegs are being attached to the dish. Styrene was used for the cross braces and the filler pieces. The pegs were cut from 1/2" plexiglas rod and glued to the styrene with weldon. The diameter of the dish is 60" and there are 348 pegs.
The columns of pegs are as follows:
Quadrent 1: 5,3,6,2,5,1.
Quadrent 2: 5,2,2,3,1,4,4.
Quadrent 3: 1,6,2,5,2,6,1.
Quadrent 4: 1,4,2,3,1,4,5,1.
This is the finished dish. The dish was first spayed with Krylon copper then a contrasting copper was sprayed on the cross braces and filler pieces. The Flur de les was scanned into my home computer from a photo from the original machine and all the highlights were removed. Then the pattern was printed out full size and used to trace the pattern onto the dish. All the highlights were then painted on by hand using green and brown paint pens.

The rails are made of 1 5/8" diam. steel and were fabricated at the studio I was working at. Full size drawings were made in order to bend the rails accurately. The diam. of the rails on the original machine were 1 1/2" but the studio's equipment could not do 1 1/2". Here the rails, engine housing, and console are being fitted together.
Close-up of the rossette. A total of eight of these are on the machine. This one was painstaking reproduced by John Rossa. He unfortunatly passed away before seeing his work used on the machine.

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