Time After Time

Malcolm McDowell .... H. G. Wells

David Warner .... Jack the Ripper (John Lesley Stevenson)

Mary Steenburgen .... Amy Robbins

Directed by Nicholas Meyer
Writing credits
Karl Alexander
Steve Hayes

The Machine

Photos of the Argo were taken at a Museum in Hollywood California by Ed Martinez

While I was working on the set of Soldier at Warner Brothers I met Kent D'Huet, who as it turned out, had been on the construction team which built the Argo.

He is what I learned about it from him.

The main body was craved from a block of green foam and the surface was sealed and fiberglassed over. The foam was then carved out of the fiberglass and the resulting shell was reinforced.

The Solar collector was powered by a DC motor with a friction wheel. The direction was changed by an effects operator with a reverse switch.

The plates on the nose of the machine were made to flap during the journey through time by having the plates attached to a sheet of dental dam and having an effects person poke at them from behind with a piece of welding rod.

For the closeups of the dates changing on the console, an oversized console was built . The dates were attached to an endless mylar strip stretched between two rollers and run out several feet similar to a conveyor belt.

The machine had a total of 30 zip lines coming out of it to operate all the electrical systems on the machine.

The machine was literally saved from a thrash dumpster and used for Adventures in the 4th Dimension a Warner Brothers theme park in Australia


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