Time After Time

Malcolm McDowell .... H. G. Wells

David Warner .... Jack the Ripper (John Lesley Stevenson)

Mary Steenburgen .... Amy Robbins

Directed by Nicholas Meyer
Writing credits
Karl Alexander
Steve Hayes

The Museum

Life imitates art as Steve Stockbarger as H.G. Wells stands beside the Argo inside the Hollywood Museum much as Malcolm McDowell did in
Time After Time

The Argo was on display at the Hollywood Museum which was located at 7051 Hollywood Boulevard.

The museum was a fantasy -come-true for John LeBold the owner and curator of the museum. At the time that the museum was in operation, John LeBold had in his possession 3.5 million movie stills, 50,000 original posters and 5,000 costumes.

Some of LeBolds collection was on display at the American Textile History Museum in Lowell Massachusetts, in 2000 for its show, "Dressed for the Part: Hollywood Costumes from the Silver Screen" and prior to this show, LeBold auctioned off 1,200 pieces in an on-line auction in 1999.

Steve Stockbarger was instrumental in rewiring the Argo for the Hollywood Museum.
All of the control cables had been severed and of course nothing was marked.

Photograph by Robert Nudelman


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