Colin Baker
as the 6th Doctor

Dr. Who meets H.G. Wells
Written by Glen McCoy and directed by Pennant Roberts
Starring the 6th Doctor, Colin Baker.

Story synopsis by Julian Foot

Nicola Bryant as Peri

The Doctor and Peri land on the planet Karfel. A high ranking official, Maylin Tekker, uses threats against Peri to force the Doctor to go to earth and bring back a young woman called Vena who while holding a precious Amulet, has accidentally fallen into the Timelash. The Timelash is a time tunnel is used by the planets tyrannical ruler, the Borad, to banish all rebels. Vena finds herself at the home of a young man called Herbert in the Earth's 19th century and the Doctor inadvertently takes him back with him to Karfel in the TARDIS.

David Chandler as Herbert

JeanAnne Crowley as Vena

The Borad was once a scientist who accidentally sprayed himself with an unstable compound called Mustakozene-80 whilst experimenting on the local Karfel fauna. The creature in question was a savage underground reptilian creature called a Morlox (See where this is going yet). The Borad subsequently mutated into a half Karfelon, half Morlox creature, the change having a profound effect on his sanity (underlining how important it is to wear appropriate safety equipment when handling chemicals).

Robert Ashby as the Borad

The Borad plans to bring about a war between Karfel and their planetary neighbours the Bandrils. The Bandrils are vastly superior in technology and war will destroy all life on Karfel. The Borad will then repopulate the planet with creatures such as himself, and plans to start by creating a mutated mate using an unwilling Peri. The Borad has also cloned himself in order to double his chances of success. The Doctor rescues Peri, defeats the clone using a krontron time crystal, and makes peace with the Bandrils after using the TARDIS to deflect their missile. He then banishes the real Borad through the Timelash to 12th Century Scotland (a fate worse than death in my opinion).

The Doctor and Peri enter the TARDIS to take Herbert home, and Herbert gives Peri his calling card that identifies him as ..........HG Wells the famous novelist! (Wow what a plot twist straight out of the blue...not.)

Paul Darrow as Tekker

Tekker was played by Paul Darrow, better known as Avon from Blakes 7.


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