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Modern lamp cord in 1899

Although the scene with Jamie and George takes place on Sept 13 1917, the Red Cross poster is for a December 1918 roll call. The artist of the poster is Harrison Fisher (1875-1924), still a very popular illustrator today. For more information on him you can visit: Harrison Want a copy of the poster but don't want to spend hundreds of dollars for an original? Then visit this site: KJA .

Also in this scene you can see the table cloth on the table in the window move with the breeze, obviously there is no glass in the windows. Glass in the windows would have reflected the camera crew so it would have been removed for this reason.

The shadow of the Jaguar bumper arrives before the car does.
Also note car is left hand drive, English cars are right hand.

Here you see the Crystal Regulator behind Filby
in the Library

As the four friends sit down for dinner moments later we can see there is no clock on the credenza instead there is an eperne.

The tall crystal regulator clock in the Library mysteriously moves to the dinning room.
Minutes later it returns to the Library, which can be seen as Filby is leaving.

In the 1917 sequence...

As George approaches the fence we can see that there are posters attached to it and a missing board to the far right.

After George climbs through the fence we see only one poster (black arrow) on the fence and what appears to be a gate (white arrow ), also there is no other board knocked down.

Climbing back through the fence minutes later, we see many posters, no gate and one other board has been knocked off the fence. The knocked down fence boards
are arranged differently as well.

George arrives in 802701, but the console reads
Jan 05, 1900, also the date is in black and white not color.
Discovered by Chris Perrotta


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