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The disappearing cyclist. Filby has moved approximately 10 feet but the cyclist is gone from sight.
Thanks to:Tom Vasiloff

This falls under the trivia category: George Pal
predicts Flat screen Television

Filby is talking to Hillyer, Kemp and Bridewell in their cab "That flower certainly couldn't have bloomed in the wintertime." Yet, there are plenty of flowers blooming in the wintertime in George's workshop.
Thanks to Paul Gimbel for reminding me.

The scene in the movie is set in winter during his initial travel. The sun and full moon take exactly the same path in the sky during that scene. That is an error because in winter, the sun rides low in the sky and the full moon is seen much higher from the horizon. That is, the winter full moon path is much like the path the sun takes in summer. In other words, these two objects (sun and full moon) would never be seen cutting the same path in winter.
Thanks to Jim Mihal

While capturing the above images to show Jim's point, I captured this shot also.
Seems that even though the sun is moving left to right in the frame, the sun sets directly in front of George.

The drivers of the T-bird and Mercury have closed the doors after they exited their cars, also no one else is on the street.

Seconds later the doors of both cars are open.


The engraving on the plaque appears to be only a graphic as the shading of the letters doesn't change when Rod's shadow moves.

As a bit of trivia, other than seeing the film on a big screen, the atomic satellite is only viewable on the dvd. It barely shows in the laser disc copy

This is the result of the atomic satellite exploding and this is only 40-50 feet from where George and the time machine are, I don't think George would have survived.

Although the display of the machine is illuminated, George finds it necesary to strike a match to read the indicators.


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