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As the sphinx is being constructed behind Rod, one frame shows the marker card for the effects shot including the holder's thumb.


Note the black stripe around the match safe to strike the match on.
Most likely a piece of sandpaper.

The air raid siren shown in this scene is a US made Federal model number 5 siren not a UK siren. The sound it makes however, is from a UK made Carters air raid siren.

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January 5, 1900 the sundial is in the far side
of the front yard

Seen clearer here, soon after Kemp, Hilliard and Bridewell have left.

1917 the sundial has moved to the right of the walkway

Later the night of January 5, 1900 Sundial not seen in this scene, although it just be out of frame to the left.

The final shot of the film and the sundial is not seen here. This scene however is a mat painting and not the real set. As I understand, the set was destroyed after Pal had filmed all the live action involving the cottage. Pal later decided he wanted the final shot to be the cottage and as it had already been destroyed he had Bill Brace recreate it in a mat painting.



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