As Rod Taylor prepares to climb into the Time Machine, his shirt cuff rises to revel his modern wrist watch!

Thanks to Doug Hirt for discovering this one.

Can you spot the Eloi wearing sunglasses in this publicity photo?
Thanks to Jim Mihal for finding this one.

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Submitted by Prof. Joe Bartolotti:
When George is in the Time Machine in his lab looking at the stars out his window move as he travels through time, you see the North Star and all the stars revolving around it...but then as there is day light in the next moment, you see the sun and moon which would be in the Southern (Opposite) part of the sky.

Joe spotted this when he saw the film in 1960 at the age of 12


George checks the time on December 31, 1899 with his 1905 Elgin pocketwatch


Rod is wearing an 800,000 era band aid.
Thanks to Bruce Holroyd for finding this one


Proof that time travel alters the present, thanks to Tom Vasiloff

Just before the miniature is switched on it is 5:45

Seconds later, the miniature vanishes and it is 5:55


I discovered this one when I saw the film recently
on the big screen.

The 'dead' Morlock moves his foot so he doesn't trip the fleeing Eloi. Who says all Morlocks are bad?

This one was spotted by Carl Piermarini
when he watched his dvd copy

Here you can see that Rod has a cut on his left index finger

Rod has smeared blood on the machine

I spotted this one many years ago.

Note how the top of the cigar changes.

George writes 'Dinner' on his calendar
on December 31, 1899

Yet on January 5, 1900 is has disappeared

Notice the rear wall in this shot is a flat solid wall.
The rear wall in this shot shows passages to the left and right.
This is also the same set as the room with the talking rings.
George Pal and Walter Lantz were very good friends, and as a gesture George put a reference to Walter in several of his films. In this instance it is in the form of a Woody Woodpecker doll. Note also that the air raid wardens are wearing the uniforms from 'Forbidden Planet'

Also from 'Forbidden Planet', the Astrogator from the C-57D is seen here on the right


The Eloi wearing her sunglasses
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