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December 16, 2002

The long wait is almost over....

The motor and light kit for the Masterpiece Models Time Machine model is nearly ready. One part remains to be acquired and the kit will be complete.

Price for the Motor/ Lights kit is $350.00
For more details Click Here

To pre-order this kit:
Please Click Here
(You will not be charged until kit is shipped)

December 12, 2002

December 3, 2002

October 27, 2002
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An interview with
Wah Ming Chang filmed in April 2001
is viewable at:

October 9, 2002

Autographed photos of Michael Hiltner (Victor Vincente of America) are now available.
Michael played one of the Eloi in the George Pal film
More about Victor Vincente of America

We also have preprinted autographed photos of Doris Lloyd

October 6, 2002
The next installment of Glenn Pall's construction photos of his full size replica of the George Pal machine
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October 3, 2002

A new decal sheet is now available for the
Lunar Models Time Machine kit.
All kits shipped out will include the revised sheet.
The decal sheet is also available independently.
Extra decal sheets for the Masterpiece Models Time Machine kit are also now avaialable.Click Here for details

Dr. Who meets H.G. Wells

Ten great stories by H.G. Wells presented in comics and illustration. Contains the 7 Illustrations by Nicoli Cuti plus three more especially done for this edition.

Available from Amazon.com and other sources

September 11, 2002

I've finished re-inputting the passwords for the Message Board. If you have any trouble being admitted please let me know so I can fix things.

Due to a few requests, we created a couple of wallpapers for your desktop from the George Pal feature.

Click here to see and download them

September 6, 2002

The 1/6th scale"Time Traveler" Head
The sculpture is finished and molds are being made today.
I should have stock by
H.G. Wells' birthday.

Production will be limited to
500 pieces.
Click here to Order






The Direct 3D Morlock kit is NOW AVAILABLE.
Click here to order

September 4, 2002

In case you've been wondering why no updates in the last month and access to the message board has been inaccessable and various other peculiar happenings, about three weeks ago the company which hosts my site decided to move all the files to a new server and change their operating system. No advance warning was given and of course things did not progress uneventfully. Today is the first day I've been able to access my files.
Things are finally settling down but it ain't over yet

August 6, 2002

See our pages on this film by clicking on the above image
Time After Time has just been released on DVD
You can order it here

Bob Burns talks about his friendship with George Pal in the current issue of Cinefantastique

July 29, 2002
David Owensby has built
a 1/7th scale model
of the 2002 Time Machine

July 25, 2002
A look at the Time Machine
and bonus DVD
Click Here

As some of you know, The Time Machine DVD was released July 23, 2002. What you might not know is there are some which come with a second BONUS DVD which has the shooting script and a commentary with Simon Wells and John Logan.

Thanks to Craig Endler for the heads up on this one. Craig found his at Best Buys for $15.99. The Bonus DVD has also been spotted at Suncoast but not packaged with the movie.

July 24, 2002
New photos of Masterpiece Models Kit
under construction

July 16, 2002

A 'How to' on making lamp cages

Martin Bleasby


Price on Assembled Masterpiece Time Machine has gone up to $999.00

If you are on my list prior to today they will honor the original price of $799.00

July 15, 2002
Interview with Mary Tomasini regarding her husband's (George Tomasini) career. George was the film editor on Pal's Time Machine
off site link

July 12, 2002

Band Aids in 802701?
Apparently so.

New addition to our trivia page found by Bruce Holroyd

July 11, 2002

June 24, 2002
"Em and Me" starring Alan Young will be shown at the
Los Angeles International Independent Film & Video Festival
Screening will be at the Fairfax Laemmle theater located at 7907 Beverly Blvd. on July 11, 2002 at 8:00pm

June 22, 2002

A look at the George Pal
Eloi and Morlocks
With special appearance by
Vincent Vincente of America (Michael Hiltner)

June 13, 2002
Another enthusiast has found us.
David Owensby's "Tu
pperwear Time Machine"

June 12, 2002

New addition to the enthusiasts section:

Erich Mestriner

June 11, 2002

The Masterpiece Models 1/6th scale
Time Machine kits are in stock.
All pre-ordered kits have been shipped except for those who are waiting for the motor and lights kit.
The motor and lights kit is promised
to be available very soon. Thanks for your patience.

If you wish to order a kit
Click Here

May 21, 2002

A few more stills from Time After Time and additional information about the museum it was displayed at.
Pages 1 and 3

May 16, 2002
Alan Young's website
has just under gone a makeover
Take a look
All items for sale on his site
are personally autographed by Alan


May 6, 2002

The Time Machine

Time After Time

Being released on DVD
July 23, 2002
Being released on DVD August 6, 2002

April 23, 2002

Arnold Leibovit is producing two CD albums of music from Geoge Pal films.
The Fantasy Film Music of George Pal

Volume one will be the M.G.M. years and will contain soundtracks from tom thumb, Time Machine, Atlantis the Lost Continent, 7 Faces of Dr. Lao and The Power

Volume two will have soundtracks from his films done at Paramount

Each volume is expected to be about one hour

April 18, 2002

A look at
Time After Time
See directory on left


April 12, 2002

Here is the "magazine" which Ed Martinez spoke of with an article on Bob Burns
this "magazine" is on a DVD
More details at:
moviefxmag including ordering information

April 9, 2002

Cinefex issue 89
15 page article on
Time Machine (2002)

April 8, 2002
Sad news today, Mrs. Pal passed away yesterday April 7.

Update April 5, 2002
April issue of Starlog
5 page article with behind the scenes photos

Article on the digital effects used in Time Machine
at Computer Graphics World

Rotten Tomatoes has 91 reviews of Time Machine
67 bad 24 good
read 'em all in one place

March 24, 2002

March 22, 2002

Rod Taylor and Alan Young together again and in person.
SATURDAY April 6th and SUNDAY April 7th
at the Hollywood Collectors & Celebrities Show held at
Beverly Garland's Holiday Inn
4222 Vineland Avenue
North Hollywood, California 91602
Click on thier link for further details
and complete list of attending celebrities

Photos from the primiere and a streaming video is up at Fantasica Daily as well as an interview with Samantha Mumba
Real One player required

March 21, 2002

March 19, 2002

March 18, 2002

Arnold and Barbara Leibovit at the premiere of
"The Time Machine" in Westwood

On Wednesday, March 20th

Arnold Leibovit, executive producer of 'The Time Machine' will be the guest on the Art Bell Talk Show for the first full hour. The show runs from 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. PST or 7:00-11:00 p.m. EST. To find out which radio staion in your area airs this program Click Here.


March 17, 2002
Total gross for 2 weeks: $40,100,000

March 13, 2002
Thoughts and reviews on the new Time Machine film
Including a review by Joe Glickman
who was an extra in the film.
Menu will open in the left frame
Also check our message board

March 11, 2002

The Time Machine opened in 2,944 locations this weekend and grossed $22.6 million

Click on image for larger view


Back Cover
Time Machine soundtrack available for pre-order at
Catalog #: 302 066 337 2
Release Date: 03/26/02
Track listing
1. Professor Alexander Hartdegen (3:25)
2. Wish Me Luck (1:21)
3. Emma (2:35)
4. The Time Machine (3:11)
5. Bleecker Street (2:26)
6. I Donít Belong Here (3:48)
7. Time Travel (4:36)
8. Eloi (2:10)
9. Good Night (4:03)
10. Stone Language (4:53)
11. Morlocks Attack (4:23)
12. Where The Ghosts Are (1:36)
13. The Master (7:15)
14. "What If?" (6:16)
15. Godspeed (5:20)

March 8, 2002

Opening day

Masterpiece Models is running a little behind their original release on their 1/6th Time Machine kit. They expect to begin shipping around March 15th. As soon I receive my shipment, those of you who have expressed interest will be notified and I will begin shipping. No word yet on the release date for the built up models.

Photo gallery From DreamWorks'
The Time Machine

34 downloadable high resolution images

My involement with DreamWorks'
The Time Machine

Morlock Costumes
Time Machine Chair

Time Machine soundtrack
available for pre-order at amazon.com

To all the first time visitors,
take a look at the miniature built by Lloyd Cooper

March 6, 2002

On The Rack

March 2002 issue.
Four page article with full page color photo of Samantha Mumba and six other color photos.


March 5, 2002

March 4, 2002

Time Machine Premiere tonight
in Westwood, California.

Film clips from the movie at: Cinemovies

March 1, 2002


10:30 PM / EST Friday, March 01 2002
Color, 30 min
3:30 AM Saturday, March 02
9:00 AM Saturday, March 02

Learn how directors and their special effects teams transport their characters, AND the audience, through time in films like "Time Machine". Featured in this episode is the work of Stan Winston, who has powerfully shaped our vision of the prehistoric past in "Jurassic Park" and the far distant future in "Terminator 2".
Thanks to Richard Soliva for the heads up on this.

Bondo Wyszpolski , head of the arts and entertainment secton of a weekly newspaper based in the South Bay of southern California, the Easy Reader, has conducted four interviews and we will be posting them starting on Monday. Those interviewed are John Logan, Tim Wilcox, Oliver Scholl, and director Simon Wells


February 21, 2002

February 19, 2002

Mary and I were able to see the special screening of The Time Machine at the Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention on Sunday.

Here are some initial thoughts without any spoilers. Once more people have seen the film we can get in to more specific thoughts. If you were able to atttend, please feel free to e-mail me your thoughts on the film.

This is the comic which was handed out at the Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention on February 17th. It is not the complete story. Click here for more on this and to see the limited edition litho which was also given out.

February 15, 2002

20 more photos from the movie at Phantastik.de

Don't forget tonight:

The HBO behind the scenes presention:The Time Machine HBO: First Look will begin showing on February 15, 2002.
Click Here to see the February schedule on the HBO website.

More Time Machine photos taken at Comic Con at
Starship Modeler
web site

February 14, 2002
On The Rack

March issue
Two articles, one on time travel as reflected in tv and film with only small photos, second article on Time Travel theory using black holes and worm holes.

March issue
Three page overlook at the production with a few behind the scenes B&W photos. Also a three page article on Guy Pearce, with a unique title "It's a Guy Thing", like we haven't heard that one before.

As a reminder:
For those of you in the Los Angeles area :
Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention
held at the Shrine Auditorium on Sunday, February 17, 2002
Screening of DreamWorks The Time Machine

Due to another commitment, Orlando Jones is no longer scheduled to appear at the convention.

There will be Time Machine Comic books handed out
courtesy of DC Comics

February 8, 2002
Now available for the first time, 32"x 24" copies of Chris Perrotta's
Time Machine drawings.
Click Here for details

On the Official Time Machine web site, for those of you who haven't discovered this: Pressing the lever will find yourself transported to Alexander's work shop.
The Time Machine
Official Site
Click Here

Don't know the answers to the American Time Sweepstakes questions?
All the answers are on their web site at:
American Time

Another contest at: Entertainment Weekly

February 6, 2002

The new Official Time Machine website opened last night around 6:30 p.m. pacific time. Really amazing display of the use of Flash. Be prepared to spend several hours to look at everthing ( there are a lot of files to download)


The Time Machine
Official Site
Click Here

The HBO behind the scenes presention:The Time Machine HBO: First Look will begin showing on February 15, 2002. Click Here to see the February schedule on the HBO website.

February 4, 2002

Just found this:

Win tickets to the special New York City Premiere of "Time Machine," complete with a three nights at a luxury hotel. In conjunction with Maurice Lacroix watches and the new Dreamworks' movie "Time Machine," American Time is sponsoring a sweepstakes for their readers. Entries must arrive by February 12, 2002.

Visit the American Time web site for full details

Sweepstakes Questions:

1. What watch was featured in the recent movie "Pearl Harbor"?
2. What watch did Bruce Wayne wear in the movie "Batman Forever"?
3. What watch brand does James Bond wear?
4. What company made the famous watch featured in the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey"?
5. In the movie "End of Days," Schwarzenegger's character is wearing what watch?


On The Rack
February issue # 282 of Starburst. 7 photos from the film. Article about Wells' works which have been filmed. Very little about the new film. March Issue #296 of Stalog.
11 photos and article on John Logan. One half of the article is on his treatment of the new Star Trek movie
For fans of Guy Pearce, the current issue of GQ has Guy on the cover and an article on him.

Until I get my time machine built, I can't be everywhere at the same time,
so if you see other magazines with articles please let me know
so I can report on them. Thanks
As many of you probably already know, the "Official" Time machine site did not appear as advertised. The following was received by me from one of Counting Down's staff on February 1st: "It's supposed to launch next week (and it's WELL worth the wait...) "

As a reminder:
For those of you in the Los Angeles area :
Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention
held at the Shrine Auditorium on Sunday, February 17, 2002
Screening of DreamWorks The Time Machine


January 27, 2002
Carl Piermarini has added an on-line video featuring
his full size Time Machine replica, definately worth watching.
Click Here

Two new photos featuring the parts for the 1/6th Masterpiece Model

Now taking pre-orders on model kits
Click Here
f you have already e-mailed me you are already on the waiting list)


January 25, 2002

For those of you in the Los Angeles area you won't want to miss this:

On stage at the Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention held at the Shrine Auditorium on Sunday, February 17, 2002 will be:

Simon Wells
Oliver Scholl
Tim Wilcox
Jamie Price
Orlando Jones

Reserved seating is $10.00 and tickets go on sale that morning at 9:30. Only 350 reserved tickets will be sold on a first come first served basis. Tickets will be sold all day until sold out. The reserved seat ticket gets you a limited edition (350) lithograph of the Time Machine, a reserved numbered seat for the stage presentation inside the Shrine and first chance to have the Time Machine Lithograph signed by everybody on stage.

And now the good part!

At 5:30 across the street at the USC Norris Theater the same 350 ticket holders will view a screening of

Yes, that's right, you won't have to wait for March 8th!

See you there

Singing legend Miss Peggy Lee, 81, passed away at her Bel Air home on Monday, January 21, 2002. Her daughter, Nicki Lee Foster, was by her side. The cause of death has preliminarily been determined as a myocardial infarction, a result of the stroke she suffered three years ago.

In addition to her daughter, Miss Lee is survived by her grandchildren David Foster, Holly Foster-Wells, and Michael Foster; and her great-grandchildren Teagan Foster, Caleb Foster and Carter Wells.

In the George Pal Puppetoon, "Jasper in a Jam," Charlie Barnett and Peggy Lee provide the music for a spooky, rainy night in which Jasper takes refuge in an old pawn shop. The proprietor is asleep... or something. The clock strikes 13... the female figurehead on a gilded harp comes to life, singing (in Peggy Lee's voice) "Old Man Mose is Dead"... With this introduction, everything in the shop comes to life in an animated Jazz frenzy... animal heads on the wall, totem poles, even the cigar indian, who (inaccurately) throws hachets at poor Jasper.
Peggy Lee also recorded "Land O' the Leal" which was intended to be the opening theme song to Pal's "The Time Machine."

Peggy Lee web site

Free E-book version of
H.G. Wells The Time Machine
at this site: Zorba Press


January 19, 2002

For those of you in the Los Angeles area
U.C.L.A. will be screening
The Time Machine

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
January 24, 2002
at the
James Bridges Theater
Box Office: Opens one hour before showtime. There is no advance ticketing. General Admission is $7.00

Parking: $6 in Lot 3, adjacent to the James Bridges Theater. Purchase parking at the Wyton Dr. entrance to UCLA (at Wyton Dr. and Hilgard Ave.) before 7 p.m., and at the Lot 3 gate after 7 p.m.

More details on the U.C.L.A. site
Thanks to Diane Tomasik for the heads up
The Complete Rod Taylor Site


More photos of the new Masterpiece Model 1/6th scale Time Machine have arrived
click here

Here are photos of a 1/6th scale Morlock kit
Information now posted

My main system is still down, but I loaded Dreamweaver on my old reliable so I could bring you these photos

January 16, 2002
My computer is down again, so there won't be many updates for awhile!!!
I can still receive e-mails on my old system

Masterpiece Models is preparing a new 1/6th scale model of the George Pal
Time Machine

They hope to have it available towards the end of
February 2002

The price for the kit is expected to be $164.95.

So far the only photos available are the two posted below. They are working from a set of Chris Perrotta's drawings so expectations are high.

Also scheduled for a March release is a motor and lights package for the kit, no price set for this as yet.

If you would be interested in purchaseing the kit from us,
please send us an e-mail (no obligation to buy) at:
new kit@colemanzone.com

This will give me an idea of how many kits to order

As any new information becomes available we will post it here.


January 3, 2002
On The Rack
January 2002 issue of Wired magazine has a full page photo of the new machine and a one paragraph article on page 30 Dec/Jan issue of Total Movie has a four page article with 7 photos beginning on page 24

For those of you who missed our Morlock Dance
over New Years, Click here for details.

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