I just built two new models plus a replica of the inventor's room
to create that sense of scale.
Everything you see is also entirely made from scratch,
no box-kit or pre-cut parts here.

I built this miniature model of the original 1960s Time Machine. It is 10"long x 6"wide x 9.5"high. This was not a ready made kit or a pre-cut set. I used materials available from an art supply outlet and an hardware store.

Because of the limitations of the materials used, the model looks, as a whole, very much like the real one, but close attention to details shows that there are many differences from the original one. Also the dimensions used are purely judged by eye since I copied the model from some pictures that I found on the web.

The finished set with the display case includes a name tag, a clock and a background picture (I also built from scractch all these items as well, the only thing I bought already made was the display case).

The materials that I used are: Foamboard, Heavy paper of various colors, Rubber caps, Black and gold markers, Shirt buttons, Various beads, Drawer handles, Brass rods, Telephone wire, Rubber gaskets, Red fabric, A lot of glue and even more patience. As far as tools, I used two pair of pliers, a screwdriver, two rulers, a compass high grade crayons (for the background image), two pair of scissors, a hammer and a cutter.

The whole project took me 6 days. I hope you like it.

Thank you.  

— Luigi Vaccarini

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