Victor Vincente of America's
annual Reseda Ride to the Sea
March 9, 2003

Victor Vincente of America
March 9, 2003

Victor Vincente of America (aka Mike Hiltner) celebrates his birthday (March 7) each year with a bicycle ride from Reseda Blvd. in the San Fernando Valley to the Pacific Ocean. Mary and I met him this morning prior to the start of his ride and took the accompanying photos.

Fourteen other mountain bike enthusiasts joined him on the ride this year. Victor said in the past this ride was a race and the fastest time was about 2 hours. Now it's a more "leisurely" pace which takes about four hours.


We had arrived early not wanting to miss meeting Victor and we drove up Reseda which then changes into Mecca and ends at the top of the mountain. We found Victor and his group as we were coming back down and stopped to meet him. Having noticed that Mecca ended at the top of the mountain I asked Victor how they got through to the ocean. He pointed to a small hiking path near where we were standing and told me they use that!

Group shot of all participants
Map showing the hiking path
they use to reach the ocean.

Photo taken just prior to them all desending down the hiking path (behind Victor and to the left) and disappearing into the canyon scrub.

If you'd like to join Victor on next year's journey, start training!


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