Vince's Timepieces (part I)
by François O. Beaulieu

Vince Winskunas has been making very small Time Machine models for the past five years. Ironically, I first became acquainted with him when a build-up he had made was showcased on this site of the largest Time Machine kit on the market – the original 1:6 Masterpiece Models kit.

However, as far back as July of 2003, Vince had expressed to me his ideal of making a much smaller model - between three to five inches long - as little as 1:24 scale ! I was intrigued and encouraged him to follow that route. At the time, he was just completing his first three-inch model and sent me pictures of it. But thereafter, months went by without any news. By fall, I decided to write him again and learned that he had hardly made any progress. He had been busy with various other projects and things didn’t look too promising as far as completing any Time Machine model in the near future.

I was disappointed and lost touch with him for over a year. Then, upon a visit to eBay in December 2004, I was surprised to come across a listing for a three-inch model with an accompanying Tantalus by none other than Mr. Winskunas… and it looked quite good !
What could have happened over the last year ?


I contacted Vince again and he explained he had found time to work on several attempts at making a small model for himself over 2004 and they were starting to crowd the house. His wife suggested he should offer some of them on eBay. He decided to follow her suggestion. As it turned out, his first auction went very well and it motivated Vince to make more models for other fans as well as keep a few for himself, of course.

Over the years, his models have gone through several changes including several redesigns of the Tantalus - each time getting closer in appearance and details to the one in the movie…

Since then, Vince constantly improves the details on his model and on the Tantalus. A recent version saw the redesign of the rear lamp so it would match the one on the Wah Chang model and the Tantalus underwent a change in its colouring and details.

Vince's latest offering features even more detail and intricacy…

More and more, one feels like one is looking at the same model George displays to his guests in the classic Pal movie, but there is an added charm in the smaller scale that Vince has chosen.

Vince's models are handmade and feature brass railings and brass dish as well as velvet-upholstered seat. The base, seat, motor housing and console are resin cast from parts he hand-sculpted and are then hand-finished and hand-painted.

Coming soon: Part II featuring Vince's dioramas and working models.

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