The first thing that needs to be decided is how much of the basic parts of the model can be used and how much will have to be scratch built. Given that the kit parts do not lend themselves to a transformation like this it requires quite a bit of work no matter which route you choose.

I decided that I wanted to use as many of the kit parts as possible and ended up doing just that, with only the rails, chair cushions and clear pods being scratch built. The console lights and rear lamp parts were recast in a clear resin so that they would light up. Otherwise the kit was built and looks pretty much as intended.

Click Here to a video of the model if you'd like to view it in operation.

If anyone else is thinking of converting their model to a working version I would love to discuss the project with them and maybe pass along a few time saving hints.

The rear lamp which was also recast with clear resin now is hollowed out to accept a tiny red led and that wiring is run through a hole drilled through the lamp pedestal and down through the generator housing to the underside of the base.

After cutting off the pods from the generator housing and hollowing out the inside to accept the small motor that will turn the dish and the wiring for the pods and rear lamp, the next step was to create the new clear pods. I decided against recasting the cut off pods and went with some clear cone shaped acrylic that I had acquired. (I'm always looking for cone shapes and discs of all sizes that could possibly be converted into Time Machine parts!) I did recast the rounded end of the pods to attach to the acrylic cones once they were cut to shape. The reformed pods were then glued to the generator housing after the red leds were wired and secured in the housing.


The console was hollowed out in a similar manner and a small hole was drilled for a yellow led to project through and into the clear resin lamp that had been recast from the kit parts and painted in a clear yellow acrylic paint.. Since only the yellow bulb will glow the other clear lamps were simply painted in clear acrylic colors and attached as they were intended. The wiring for the led runs through the side rails which are 3/32 inch brass tubing and runs under the base to be wired with the other lights.

The dish is spun by contacting a rubber bearing wheel which is extended through the generator housing and connects to the shaft of the motor which had been imbedded in the center of the housing.

All of the wiring is connected to a 6V type J battery which is thin enough to fit underneath the base and connected to a small switch at the back of the model. No external wires or apparatus is needed to run the model.

I also constructed a Tantalus box to house the model and have included a picture of that as well. All in all not too much trouble, however much time could have been saved if only the kit parts had been cast hollowed out and in separate pieces like the larger 1/6 scale Masterpiece model.

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