Bruce Holroyd traveling in Carl Piermarini's Tme Machine replica

Carl Piermarini: Temporal DreamMaker!
by Bruce Holroyd

It has often been quoted that if you believe hard and long enough, TIME has a way of making your dreams come true!
In 1960, as a child, I had often had a recurring vision of one day being able to sit in the seat of the fantastic Time Machine from George Pal's classic motion picture version of H.G. Wells' first novel! Through the years of growing up, I saw the vision fade as other activities and obligations slowly found their way into my life. It is so ironic, then, that through the modern technological reality of the Internet, I was given the chance to see my vision come to life forty-four years after the movie's release!

Any fan who has fully explored this wonderful tribute site by Don Coleman is familiar with the name of Carl Piermarini! But none so more gratified than I... for Carl is one visionary who has made his own dreams...and through our friendship, mine as well... come true with tangible beauty!
Carl recently invited me to his home for the purpose of meeting with him and discussing the Time Machine. My wife, Donna and I were fortunate to have met his charming wife, Tina and their daughter, Gina, both of whom went out of their way to accept us as friends into the warmth of their home in Leominster ( pronounced 'lemin-ster' ), Massachusetts. We shared much more than just conversation, however... for residing within the lower confines of the Piermarini household is Carl's Masterpiece: a stunning full-sized replica of the famous Time Machine!!!

Carl's attention to detail on his operational replica is a visual work of art!!! Complete with velveteen chair cushions, carved ornamentation, illuminated components ( just like the original ), actual duplicated cast parts ( credited to Don Coleman, himself ), a glistening control console and an absolutely breathtaking dish which dominates the entire machine, Carl's machine is a museum treasure; every inch as brilliant and fantastic as the original!
Now, Carl will admit that his machine is not 100% accurate, of course, and various parts are of his own conception... designed as best as his resources at the time of construction would allow ( the details of which I have elected to keep in strict confidence ), but to see it sitting there, in front of you... with its gleaming rails, its beautifully carved base and chair, the power cones behind the chair, the 'time-generator unit' with its motor assembly and spindle/axle holding that ornately replicated copper dish, the date display panels on the deep black control console, the blinking light displays. the glowing console endcaps, the shimmering lever with its multi-prism crystal, the brass rivet studs... every detail is there, captured by Mr. Piermarini in full glory! is a Victorian jewel to behold!

Carl gave me the opportunity to try out his machine... to actually sit in the operate his gem creation...and by so doing, fulfill my boyhood dream for the first time in my life!!!! I sat there in the machine, quivering...literally... as I pushed the beautiful control lever forward, powering up the huge dish behind me, illuminating the power cones into a pulsing crimson! The control console glowed to life; the display panel matching the colors of the blinking date lamps on the console's upper surface! I watched the various lights from the vehicle dancing off its reflective surfaces, casting rapidly shifting shadows around the room, and to make it all more incredible, the actual sound of the machine is duplicated to perfection! Many of you reading this account can't begin to imagine what a life-fulfilling experience it is to 'become' the Time Traveler... it is one I shall remember for the rest of my life! Everything I had ever imagined and more!!!!

It is to Mr. Carl Piermarini and his family that I take this opportunity to express my deepest heartfelt gratitude and appreciation! Thank you, my friends...and to Carl: You are the True Temporal Dream Maker! May you always "Have All the Time In the World..."

-- Bruce Holroyd July 4, 2004

Below is a slide show of several photos of Bruce's visit. Images may take some time to load.

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