More information regarding this exhibit has come forward thanks to Russ Karas.

Russ had this photo taken outside the exhibit with the mornings newspaper
Closeup showing the date he was there

The exhibit was held at the Lytton Center of the Visual Arts, on the ground floor of the
Lytton Savings headquarters building in the 8100 block of Sunset Blvd., at Crescent Heights,
near the famous Schwab's Pharmacy

Here's an article that Russ uncovered announceing the exhibit.

A blurry copy of Russ' photo showing the machine. He promises to get us a better print.

Chris Tietz took these photos of the Time Machine when it was on dispaly prior to the M.G.M. auction.


Note:The machine at this time has the console built by Tom Scherman which was present when the machine was sold at auction five years later.


In this photo you can see how badly the dish is warped you can also see the submarine in the back from
George Pal's Atlantis, the Lost Continent

On the right against the window is a display of five heads of the 7 Faces of Dr. Lao, also a George Pal feature. To the left of the head display is a case with King Kong atop the Empire State Building




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