Nicola Cuti
aka Captain Cosmos

All images are copyrighted by Nicola Cuti.
Displayed here with his permission.

From the pen of Nick Cuti co-creator of E-MAN and writer for such comics as Creepy, Eerie and Vampirella come the following illustrations for H.G. Wells' The Time Machine.

"I do both writing and illustration. Which do I prefer? Take a guess and you'd be right. I earn my living as a background designer for animated cartoons. I've also done illustrations for Amazing Stories, Alfred Hitchcock's mystery magazine and Twilight Zone Magazine which includes full color Paintings. But I've also been writing stories for comic for over thirty years, including my own for my own Project called "Captain Cosmos"."
—Nick Cuti

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"I did the Time Machine illustrations about fifteen years ago when I still lived in New York. It seemed a friend of mine, Berni Wrightson, had just come out with an illustrated version of his favorite novel, "FRANKENSTEIN" and I began thinking what was my favorite novel. After about 2 seconds I decided it was The Time Machine and began the rough sketches and asking friends to pose for photos and I even constructed a model of the time machine from junk I found in my father-in-law's basement (the cover of a ceiling fan, a plastic drining fountain, a golfball shaped clock and whatever). I sent the illos to several publishers but no one seemed interested in using my illos in a reprinted edition of the book.

A few of them were published in a fanzine called ASEFA but that's about it. A few days ago, inspired by your interest, I submitted them to DREAMWORKS in hopes of being put on either the live action or animated project. We'll see if they're interested.

I love to correspond with people who have similar interests. "
—Nick Cuti

You can reach Nick Cuti by clicking on the link below

The Time Traveller begins his journey through time
Time Traveller arrives in 802701
and is met by the Eloi
Time Traveller enters the Eloi shelter
The Time Traveller rescues Weena
Time Traveller and Weena approach the Palace of Green Porcelain
Inside the Morlock world
The Time Traveller encounters giant crab in far future

Nick Cuti as Captain Cosmos

Cover of Captain Cosmos issue #1
Nick Cuti artist/writer/editor is currently developing his own space opera production of Captain Cosmos the Last Starveyer. It is his hope to develop his character into a television series. Nick teamed up with Joe Staton and created a comic book of the concept and Nick has also produced a pilot episode as well.




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