Page 2

The Eloi arriving to bestow flowers on
the Time Traveler

The Time Taveler overwhelmed with flowers

The Time Traveler noticing the wells to the underground

Joe becoming indolent

The Eloi... indolent

Joe preparing for his math test. With a calculator it'll be a breeze to pass the test

Joe trying to determine a 15% tip to the pizza delevery guy

The Time Traveler attempting to understand the world of the Eloi

The Time Traveler, puzzled by the lack of growth of the Eloi


Weena takes the Time Traveler to the Library to better understand her world

Entering the Libary

Yes I do understand

The Time Machine..gone..into the sphinx by...

the Morlocks!

The Time traveler and Weena are off to explore the Palace of Green Porcelain




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